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The world is just bursting full of amazing entertainment, whether it be comedy gold, serious dramas or exciting actions! There are literally millions of books, movies, tv series and games out there that it would be absolutely impossible to even try to go through them all. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have someone filter through all of them to find you only the very best and worth trying? Wouldn’t it be great if that service were to be absolutely free? Well what a coincidence, here at DVD Disc we do just that!


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We have a team of entertainment enthusiasts consisting of buzzing bookworms, tv soap series swipers, movie madmen and games geeks! They know their stuff and lucky them, they get paid to do what they love. They sit around and they watch movies, catch the soaps, read books and play games, well it is what they do best! Because they have a love for what they do, they do it very well! In case you are thinking the reviews may be biased if a comedy nut is watching and reviewing an action movie but we have got you covered my friend! We have entertainment enthusiasts for all genres so that we can ensure that they really know their stuff when they are reviewing things. It also makes it a little bit more fun for them to do their jobs which is nice isn’t it?



Because of the amazing service that we provide, we actually get sent copies of all the products that we review, AND we get them in preview timing before anyone else. This means that before the newest books, movies, games and tv series are even out yet to the general public, we have already recieved them, had a watch/read/play and given our full unbiased and independent reviews!


Rating system

All of our reviews are updated on our website as soon as we have them back from our entertainment enthusiasts. They are added onto our site by the friendly and knowledgeable web development team and are ready for you to check out within an instant! The team work by a rating scheme meaning that the product will get an overall rating out of 5 stars and then some sub category ratings for things that are more specific to the type of product for example content, entertainment, readability, clarity, difficulty level etc. On top of that our reviewers will also give a full and witty breakdown of the product. They will run you through enough detail for you to make a clear decision but without giving any of the juicy parts of it away! They will explain their ratings, tell you how they felt, what it reminded them of and of course whether or not they would watch, read, play or use it again. 

All of the reviews are independent and if you do disagree or even if you disagree it is alwys great to hear from you too! We have a customer section where you can add your reviews too!

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